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Want to see the POTS™ software in action? Contact one of our Account Managers on 01793 680863 who would be pleased to talk to you through the system or simply click the book a demo button

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Setup your clients

  • Add client name and address
  • Add sites you service
  • Add locations and rooms to these sites
  • Add the products you are servicing

Raise Jobs

  • Add a repair or service job to a product
  • Assign the engineer and due date
  • Set who you want to be notified
  • Review progress on the dashboard

Engineers (from your mobile or tablet)

  • Select the job you want to action
  • Review notes and actions
  • Select any parts required
  • Complete service sheets
  • Complete the visit and log the time
  • Further actions will appear on your dashboard

Log the time and raise the invoice

  • Allocate time to completed jobs
  • Add job numbers and PO's
  • Select which jobs to add to invoice
  • Send to your accounting software

Training and Support

POTS™ is really easy to use, however with any new software it is essential it is set up to work with your business. As part of your package we will book 4 x 30 minute sessions to take you through the essential setup process. Each session will help you deliver the best from the POTS™ system. It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about getting the most from the software. We will work with any member of your team at a date and time to suit you.

Training program

Over a 4 -6 week period, we will work closely with your nominated team member providing 4 x 1 hour training and orientation sessions completely free. These sessions are designed to help you understand exactly how the system will work in your business. Using your customer information, products and maintenance requirements we will help build the POTS system around your existing processes.

Quick progress

By the end of the first session you will be able to start using the system for your customers. By the last session you will understand all the benefits POTS will bring to your business.

Our commitment to you

We are totally committed to making sure the POTS software works for you and your business both during the trial and once you're using the software as part of your daily processes. You can call us directly on 01793 680863 and talk to one of our technical team for help and support Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm.

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“It’s easy to use and significantly reduces amount of time I spend doing paperwork and follow-up calls. If I’m out in the field I can log visits, order parts and add in all those little additional jobs that we are always being asked to do using my mobile.”

James Puttick, Direct Healthcare Solutions